【Saros】 “I Want Out” [Helloween] 【Synth V cover】

Enjoy my cover of “I Want Out” by Helloween!


I read the title and had to listen to it because I think the song is great.
And you did a top job. Sadly the playback is not the best sound quality.

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Thank you! Yes, sadly, I can’t seem to get the sound quality to be good. I know that it’s possible, but I haven’t figured it out.

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Like the song. As for sound quality, maybe it’s your equipment. I have expensive, high-end equipment (I’m a professional, not a hobbyist) and the sound quality is perfectly fine on my setup.

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As a big Helloween Fan…
and as an old bandmate of Michael Kiske in Ill Prophecy times… Maybe you can use this karaoke version for your Saros vocals?

Because you made a very good job on the vocals… but the sound from the playback is… hm… not realy good :wink:


What parameters did you set so that he sings more rock? I have Hayden and have tried everything, but he still sings too well for me, especially in the lower registers.

I can’t say for Hayden since this cover is using Saros. For Saros, I simply increased the parameter to the maximum (150%) for the vocal mode called Resounding.

Ah, Hayden has no Vocal Mode no Resounding. Hayden has 4 Vocal Modes: Soft, Clear, Heavy, Powerful and . I tried already these, but I don’t have much success with it. I don’t hear any big emotions in the vocal modes, the voice just gets thinner or thicker but not more rocky.

Does anyone have experience with Hayden? How the vocal modes interact?