Vowel-Consonant Phoneme Adjustment Script

Vowel-Consonant Adjustment Script

Github link: GitHub - gwee007/Mass-Duration-and-Strength-Script: Script for mass editing of vowel and consonant variables
For English voicebanks as of now. I’ll implement for Japanese voicebanks soon.

How it works

This script iterates through all phonemes of all selected notes, and modifies their respective values based on their identification as a vowel, consonant or neither (e.g. br, cl, etc.) This is great for a mass adjustment of phonemes for all your selected notes in a phrase, before zooming into each note to adjust the nitty-gritty of things as needed.

Support for Japanese voicebanks are on the way.

List of phonemes and their classifications

Vowels: “aa”, “ae”, “ah”, “ao”, “aw”, “ax”, “ay”, “eh”, “er”, “ey”, “ih”, “iy”, “ow”, “oy”, “uh”, “uw”

Consonants: “b”, “ch”, “d”, “dx”, “dr”, “dh”, “f”, “g”, “hh”, “jh”, “k”, “l”, “m”, “n”, “ng”, “p”, “r”, “s”, “sh”, “t”, “tr”, “th”, “v”, “w”, “y”, “z”, “zh”

Neither: “q”, “dw”, “tw”, “cl”, “pau”, “sil”, “br”

These classifications can be changed based on your preferences in the script. The arrays continaing these strings should be evident.



  1. Find the scripts folder through Synth V, and drag and drop the MassPhonemeAdjustment.js file into it
  2. Rescan the scripts folder in Synth V, and confirm that it has loaded

Running the script

  1. Select notes, before running the script under the “Fyre’s Scripts” category.
  2. Run the script, and you should be greeted with the following interface.
  3. Adjust values if necessary. All numbers are based on percentage of the notes’ intitial lengths. Click ‘OK’ to see the magic happen.

This is my very first script, and I’m putting it out in case it can help others. If anyone’s got a bug to report you can drop it in the forum here.


Thanks for this script, just been playing around with reducing consonant duration, which a lot of the voices over-sing (especially Asterian) and it cleans them up with just a few keystrokes. Genius!

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Thanks for downloading and I’m glad it’s helping you out! Feel free to share it with your friends if it might help them as well :slight_smile: