Hearing note while dragging in piano roll ?

Hi, I’m new here, and very pleased with SynthV (I have Solaria and Kevin at this time). I searched the forum for this question but didn’t find an answer, so I apologize if this has already been answered.
I would like to hear the pitch of a note in piano roll while I’m dragging it up or down to change the melody. Like in DAWs piano roll, or like in melodyne.
Is it possible ? Would be very helpful to modilfy melody or finding the right harmony in second voice for example.

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No … that would be a feature request.

Because you mentioned Melodyne … I would render the vocals and do it in Melodyne then. When your composition is finished, you could import the finished notes in SynthV with the new Audio-to-MIDI feature of the current Beta. Or do it manually until the full version of 1.11 is released.

Thanks ! Good way to go with melodyne. I use melodyne a lot to create harmony !

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You can always use the little keyboard to the left side in the piano roll note editor to click the notes and find the one you need - then click/drag to create/move the notes in place on the line for that pitch. It’s an extra step but works OK.

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Thanks Karyno ! Yes that works :+1:

I can even use my midi keyboard to check the tone !