Is there any ways to generate a svp from an acapella?

im trying to make a cover of a song, but there isnt any ust,svp,vsqx of it…Im very bad at reconizing notes,pitches ecc so idk what to do…I heard there’s a freq tracer in utau…I wonder ther’s something similar for synthv! Can anybody help me out?

The current beta version has a feature called “Voice-to-MIDI” which does exactly this.

Just keep in mind that if you always use an automated tool to do something, you’ll never train your ear to be able to do it yourself.

Download the latest beta here: Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b3 Update | Dreamtonics株式会社

Read about the feature here: Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b1 Update | Dreamtonics株式会社