Is there a quick way to flatten / reset parameters?

Hi Everyone

Is there a quick way to reset individual or all parameters?

I just wanted to check if I’ve missed a feature.


There is a “Reset Pitch” option, but of course this only applies to pitch deviations that line up with the selected notes.

To reset other parameters you’d have to select each one, select all the points with ctrl+A, then delete them.

The fastest way to get rid of all parameters would be to create a new track and copy the notes to the new track so that the parameter points get left behind. You would simply select all the notes and either copy/paste them directly, or group them and drag the group down via the Arrangement panel.


I hadn’t thought of pasting to a new track. That’s a good workaround. Thanks Claire!

It should have been obvious, but I never thought of using Ctrl-A to work in this window. Thanks, Claire.