Best Process for complex harmonies?

I find working with four vocal tracks for jazz harmonies extremely cumbersome, especially when testing ideas - skip track to track to change one note, test, etc.
Other than writing out the whole sequence in Sibelius first, is there a better way? I’m thinking ARA - which I have NO idea how to use (my DAW is Mixcraft) but that doesn’t solve what I really need - a way to play or type in a four-note chord and have it automatically distributed to the four SynV voices. Are there scripts for this (scripting is the other thing I have not attempted yet.)

Thanks for ideas…

I wonder about Divisimate as an option. Kind of pricy ($199 right now) but can be used for a lot of things. I haven’t tried it yet, and it wouldn’t do any lyrics, probably not even “la”.
I’ll test it and report back. I already own it.

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If it works, it’s probably more than I need. A four-channel “Lite” option would be lovely But I am curious as to your findings…

There’s an old Reaper discussion HERE, where they mention a VST called PizMIDI in the last posting, that’s said to be able to split chords.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Hi, not sure if this what you are looking for, but I use Dorico’s “explode” feature

I tried to explain my way of working in Creating vocal rehearsal tracks with PlayScore2/Dorico/SynthesizerV - Dorico - Steinberg Forums but short of it is I create vocal rehearsal tracks and I need the seperate tracks to mix.

I start with the notated music inside Dorico and explode into seperate parts where needed and then export musicxml/midi into SynthV.

I am experimenting a bit now with writing snippets of arrangements (e.g. a closed voicing) in Dorico and then when I feel comfortable continue in SynthV.
The benefit there is you can also specify the chords and have notes automatically generated by Dorico as a starting point, or you can play parts with midi/onscreen piano keyboard

That sounds sorta like what I am doing now - using Sibelius to score the parts… Which DOES let me insert lyrics. I just want a solution with fewer steps - Sibelius frequently demands ato start from the Installer app, even though there have been NO chnges to either program - by the time I get to the program, I have forgotten the line I was going to enter.
Happens often enough I need an alternative… Thanks.

If I want to capture ideas at any random moment, I think your best bet is to use an audio memo recording app on your phone. That way you can record an idea anywhere you are, as long as you have your phone with you.

I do that too and then when I get home or have time I listen back to what I have “sung” and work it back into Dorico

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I do that when I’m on the road, but I’m trying to save chord voicings I’m hearing in my head and can’t really sing (unless I get some Tuvan training… :grinning:)
(I’m also complaining about Avid’s Link app, which gets in the way for no good reason. They appear paranoid that someone, somewhere, will use the app they purchased on the machine that it still is installed on but will suddenly give an imposter access. )