Didn't receive an activation code for Saros

Hello, I bought Saros yesterday and also got the confirmation email with the download link. But so far, despite an email to [email protected] this morning, I haven’t received an activation code.

Does it always take that long? Has anyone else besides me ever had something like this?

I received the email with the subject "Activation Code for Your Order of Synthesizer V SAROS (Order #xxxx) a few seconds after completing the online order (directly from Eclipsed Sounds) and payment (via Paypal).
This was the same email that contained the download link.

It usually only takes a few seconds, but there has been the occasional example of Eclipsed Sounds having to send a code manually.

It’s currently 7:45am in Eastern NA, so you’ll likely have it quite soon since you’ve already contacted them.

Eclipsed Sounds has announced on X/Twitter that they intend to move their webstore to a new platform, presumably to address this issue, it just hasn’t happened yet because they were been busy with the NAMM show.

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hm ok…
so i will wait a liitle bit more :wink:

I had the same problem, but it only took around 30 minutes after sending an email request for the code, until I got it … even on a Sunday.

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I’ve got an email a view Minutes ago with the code :slight_smile:

So thanky you all :slight_smile:


Then enjoy Saros … it’s superb.

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