What version of OSCAR will I be getting if I buy his physical product on Taobao?

Hi everyone,
I have a major question for overseas fans in regards of the physical version of OSCAR.
If you purchased thru Taobao, did y’all get the deluxe ver.? The product art is showing the standard ver. but I believe the standard ver. is no longer a physical product? The reason why I say this is because OSCAR’s physical product pages (other than Taobao) only show his deluxe ver. and the “box art” for his standard ver. is no longer on the Synth V wikia unless you click on the gallery.
I’m like really confused on what product will I be purchasing if I decide to go thru Taobao since I can easily use their proxy, Parcel Up, for the shipping. Plus, I don’t think VOICEMITH’S website ships anywhere outside of Taiwan, so that’s sadly a no-go for me.

Any replies will be appreciated, thank you:)

Does Oscar sing in English?