Can i use Synthesizer V Koharu Rikka as ending music for my free fanmade 2D game?

I want to ask something about Synthesizer V Koharu Rikka.
I created 2D games, my game is fanmade and free.
I not monetize my game, no add ads into the game.
The game is uploaded to
I want my ending music of my game using Synthesizer V Koharu Rikka.
The song is from

I already send message to peritune, and the answer is: " You can use the instrumental version without vocals, but if you use a sound source with vocals, please use it according to the terms of the library used (SynthV Rikka Koharu)."

So, can i do it or not??

According to the word “fanmade” and free game, what do you think?? Free fanmade game is commercial or not??

The term “商用(commercial)” in Japanese fanzine usual custom means very narrow range.
Free fanmade game is generally regarded as not “商用(commercial)”, as non-commercial in Japan, like fair-use.

So i can use the vocal right?

Yes. Free game is rightly non-commercial.