Changing vocal modes from Sing, to Rap and Manual?

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How do I change vocal modes from Sing, to Rap and Manual?

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Settings for individual notes are in the Note Properties panel. This includes the different pitch modes. If you select multiple notes you can change the same setting for all of them at once.

Vocal modes are a completely different feature, which modify the timbre of the vocal (ie Powerful, Soft, Clear, etc.). These are given base values in the Voice panel and moment-to-moment changes in the Parameters panel.

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Ahhh, select the notes first! Got it! So if I wanted to do a RAP or spoken word type of thing, what kind of midi “melody” would I input? All the words as one pitch?

You can check the Dreamtonics demo songs for some examples, but it really depends what style you’re going for. The notes will determine the pitch center of the sequence, but not all types of rap adhere to a consistent pitch center.

Very helpful, thank you!

Let me add these two tutorials:

PS: And don’t miss this Youtube channel for further superb SynthV tutorials:

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My Self-Driving Car, elsewhere on the site, @2:40 does a brief speech with Ritchy - not trying to rap, just to talk, and it sounds a lot like Ice-T. But after what I saw here I think I will put the speech into rhythm anyway. Thx.