Is there a way to get growls from voicebanks - Solaria in particular?

If you search for growls in the forum there are a few threads that people have made scripts for growls. I guess youโ€™d have to learn how that works. Havenโ€™t tried it myself.

I did, but thereโ€™s an error message when trying to install.

You may need to ask in the thread where you found the script. Thatโ€™s beyond my knowledge, sorry. I hope you figure it out :slight_smile:

Here is one of the links - take a look at how the script is written on that page and whether it matches your error script. If the content is different ยด, then you downloaded the script incorrectly. You have to go to the label โ€œRAWโ€ and press the right mouse button and select - โ€œSave link asโ€ and the downloaded script should have worked.
Used Google translator to answer.

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In synthv AU plugin, some scripts get errors.
Other DAWs also have this bug maybe.