In a Blue Moon - Natalie sings an original sultry jazz song

Natalie sings a sultry tune in a nightclub with her jazz band. This explores her lowest registers - down to A#2. Lots of mode blending, voicing drops and the use of the “cl” phoneme code to add intimacy and a throaty vibe. Thanks for taking a listen. I might try this song with Saros if anyone is interested.


LOW register indeed . . . . ! Works well.

Nice Song - and nicely done in that (definitely sultry) Style . . .


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Hey thanks, parametric. Definitely an experiment but I liked the growling in the voice down there.

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So nice… seems very relaxing.:+1:

Beautiful, love it.

Thanks, Peter. Definitely a laid-back club vibe.

Thank you, David. Is that your cat?

Ha Ha - yes, thats Chloe :slight_smile:

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Nice. Who/what is the band?

Hey David. The “her jazz band” is just a phrase to help set the mood for the song. It’s just me and the DAW. The image is an AI generated image to help set the mood as well. AI doesn’t know musical instruments very well, so the details are sketchy. :wink:

Top work! Although what comes to my mind is more of a film scene rather than a bar tune. It would make a great cut scene in a noir movie.

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So you’re saying YOU played all the parts in on a midi synth or plug-in. Coll. I like the trumpet work, though it still does sound electronic. And the piano fits perfectly.

Thats a good question - I would love to know the process as its a very good song. For sax I use SWAM and a Roli Block - I wonder how this was created. Very nice piece of work :slight_smile:

Well I wish I was at your level of musicianship (nice B3 with Mr. Dash). I sometimes play parts in, but mostly a lot of placing, moving, cutting and pasting notes in the MIDI editor of the DAW (Reaper). All the instruments are VSTs and the main goal is to make it sound NOT from a computer - although a trained ear like yours can usually spot the electronics. I don’t play much now, but I played bass in Garage Bands back in the 70’s, so I do like to try and put myself inside the musician playing each instrument and imagine how they would play each note - and adjust the MIDI accordingly.

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Process? Inspiration comes from my brain, or something I heard, or sometimes a MIDI chord or melody pack. For this song the trumpet is Native Instruments Session Horns Pro. The piano is NI’s The Gentleman Upright; bass, UVI AkousKontr; the orchestra is Spitfire Symphony Orchestra. And of course, Natalie. The music happened before the lyrics - with the phrase “once in a blue moon” and “in a blue me” being the triggers that started it all. David (dblonde), what is your process? With the Roli, you must be a “hands on keys” musician like David (soundsmith).

Hi Dann - thank you for sharing the process a little. I also have these very good products, except the bass your using. I’m actually a guitar guy and not a keys player - hence the isomorphic pads work well for my brain LOL.
The roli block is MPE and thus is perfect for use with SWAM etc. I have a midi guitar that is easier for me to get things down.


Liked it! Thanks, I’m working on an album with female vocals, harmonies and counter-harmonies. I’m going to use Solaria as the main, along with Eleanor Forte and Natalie. I was thinking about using Natalie for the occasional low registry vocal parts and whispers as well - now I’m sure I will.

Michael - She’s very expressive in low registers - especially Soulful mode with voicing turned down occasionally for a close-mic breathiness.