do you have to be a computer engineer to use this software ?

Well I tried another midi controller the atom and the same thing it detects for me but nothing works, do you have to be a computer engineer to use this software or can a simple musician do it?

You don’t need any software development knowledge to use the software, unless you want to write custom scripts to extend the functions of the editor.

If you’re using the software standalone, make sure your MIDI controller is selected in the Settings panel and that there isn’t some different software claiming the MIDI controller. Generally, MIDI controllers can only send a signal to one program at a time, so if your DAW is also open it will likely take priority.

If you’re using it as a plugin, the MIDI signal typically comes from the DAW’s MIDI channel, not from the MIDI controller directly.

If you still encounter issues, you can send an email to [email protected] to contact product support, or record the MIDI sequence in your DAW, export it to a file, then import that file as a track in Synthesizer V Studio.

I got around the problem by entering the melody manually, my midi controllers work everywhere except in synthetizer v which visualizes them but does not activate them.
Your software looks really good and having a lot of potential and a few bugs or weird things isn’t going to deter me.