Anyone else notice distortion issues doing harmonies?

I was working in Logic/Natalie on different tracks in the Synth V plug in window doing a harmony part and noticed some distortion. I bypassed the effects( to eliminate it being created by those), which helped a lot, but the effects were just amplifying the issue - I was still hearing something - so I soloed the SV tracks alone - just two of them and can still hear “beats” - phase vibration/sync type distortion. I tried creating a simple legato LaLa 3rds harmony sung slowly and it’s there for sure. I tried detuning one harmony part but it doesn’t help. I don’t want to do hard pans L/R.

Buried in a mix it’s probably not audible, but I can hear it. I can post an example - but hoping someone who does hear it can just verify I’m not crazy. lol I might be able to come up with an engineering work around on two different tracks in Logic. Maybe bouncing individual parts first could help.

A synth can be a lot more consistent than a human vocalist – sometimes a little too consistent, which is where the phase issues tend to pop up due to multiple voices singing too similarly.

Make sure the pitch curves on your different tracks aren’t too similar. If you’re using the automatically generated curves, try generating a few AI Retakes in the problematic spots to introduce more variation.

(of course, this is assuming that the issue is phasing rather than actual distortion or rendering errors)


I had the same thing happen today too. Keven as lead then duplicated the track and set it to Solaria. Solaria has glitches in the audio produced. Will try retakes tomorrow.