Entering Memories as two syllables

I am new to SynthV. I was looking for a way to enter the word “memories” as two syllables instead of three, since it sounds more natural that way to me. I figured out that if I enter “memreez” with one “+” sign following, it works and it sounds more natural. I am using Kevin as the voice.

I just thought I would pass this along.



Hi Peter, it’s often the way. Always think of how words are said/sung rather than how they’re spelt. The English language can be slightly strange sometimes when it comes to pronunciation.
The other thing to try is to experiment with the lengths and strengths of individual phonemes. Shortening the ‘or’ in memories may produce similar but perhaps more natural sound again. Or switch out the ‘or’ for ‘er’.
Experiment with where you place consonants too. Sometimes putting a ‘d’ at the end of one note rather than the beginning of the next (and vice versa) can sometimes make a big difference.
There’s no right or wrong. Just play about until you hear the result you prefer.
It’s rare that you can just type the words in proper English and be happy with the results. Although to be fair on this software, it’s pretty good ‘straight out of the tin’.

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You have to write “memries” or “memreez”. I had that same issue and writing like that resolved it for me.

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