Export audio of selected range

Is there a way to export audio of selected range (as opposed to getting whole song)?

Surprised no answer so far - all you need to do is copy the desired range and paste it into to a new, separate track - then export audio for that track only. Then mute or delete the track if it’s redundant and not needed again for any purpose…

So for multiple tracks, to get a selected range, I guess you have always export the whole song and crop it down aflter export.

I guess I don’t understand what you’re trying to do - but you’re allowed to export one or more individual tracks.

So for instance, you want the select vocal region of verse 1 on one track -
chorus 1 vocal on another track
harmony part 1 on another
vocal solo on another
as many different things as you like… xxxxxx times - select regions, on individual tracks.

Make copies (or move them) using copy/paste - of each of these select regions , onto new individual tracks in Synth V.

In the export panel you are give the option to choose individual tracks. (which now contain the select regions). Each one of those tracks gets its own audio file.

If you’re asking to get audio only snippets with zero silence and no regard to the time. Synth V won’t do that but this can easily be automated in any number of editors “Trim Silence” is usually what it’s called.
(Use the above method to break out the parts - then Trim Silence on the resultant audio files)

In my video editor and in my DAW, I can select a time range on the fly (similar to setting a loop time range), then the editor, or DAW, can export that precise time range. That is what I want to do in SynthV.
i.e. select a time range then export to wav file that precise time range.

AFAIK there’s no feature to do this. (Maybe submit a feature request)
The work around IMO is copy/paste the selected range/section into the starting position of a brand new track - export that track only - and trim the length/silence off the end in an editor.

Might just be easier to do a full pass export of the full tracks and then snip and clip externally as desired.

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Yes that will be the workaround until “export loop region” is implemented.