Unexpected Mute When Using Multiple Tracks (1.11.0b3)


As the title suggests, there are instances where no sound is produced when playing the DAW while using multiple tracks.
This issue can be resolved by adding another track.
While the DAW is playing, selecting a track that is not being played back in Synthesizer V and pressing play sometimes results in sound (though not always).

Here are the details of my environment:

Synthesizer V Studio Plugin 1.11.0b3
Synthesizer V Engine 2.8.1
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== システム情報 ==
CPU: 0 MHz 12 コア 12 スレッド
CPU 機能:
メモリ: 32768 MBytes
オペレティングシステム: Mac OSX 13.6.1 64 bits
ユーザー言語: ja
ユーザーリージョン: JP
インストールパス: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Synthesizer V Studio Pro.vst3/Contents/MacOS/synthv-studio
アプリケーションディレクトリ: /Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics/Synthesizer V Studio

== 型検査 ==
sizeof(int) = 4
sizeof(long) = 8
sizeof(void*) = 8

5 Mar 2024 22:08 にレポート生成
Feb 8 2024 にビルド。

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Don’t mark my words but think synthv takes some time to “process” the notes so just wait a minute or so before playing back after adding or duplicating a track and see if that doesn’t help.

I ran into the same and was oh, you need to make waves. Ok. And then after a wait all was good.