Hi guys,
I’m working with audio to MIDI. I have several choruses that are the same but the last chorus I want to change the last few notes for some variation. Currntly if I change a word in a group it gets changes in other groups, I think this is expected behaviour? So, how can I alter the group?
Can it be done, if so how should I go about it?

Thanks for reading

Right click on the group you want to be unique and select “dissociate group”.

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Hi Claire,
thanks for your reply.
My Dissociate Group appears to be grayed-out.

Not sure why?
I have read through the Group section in your manual but I seem to be doing the correct things…

It maybe its due to my workflow (in Cubase) ?:woman_shrugging:

  1. Create an audio track.
  2. Record my melody on the mic.
  3. Switch on the ARA extension on the audio event (track)
  4. I can locate my recently recorded track in the arrangement section (top of the dialogue panel) and right click and Extract Notes From Audio. This gives me my group(s).
  5. Edit notes accordingly.

For the choruses, working in Cubase, I just copy the audio events to the appropriate sections in cubase and complete No.4 again giving me another group. As my image shows I have a number of identical groups.

When you say right click on the group where do you mean exactly, or doesn’t it matter?
I tried on the pink line which exits and enters a group. From a selected note in the group I got to the context menu you see in my image.
consequently, I’m stuck…
What am I doing wrong?

I haven’t had any issues doing it via the Piano Roll, but you can also do it via the Arrangement panel:


It could be a bug with the 1.11.0b2 beta. You might consider updating to the latest b3 to see if that fixes the issue.

That said, I haven’t tried this with ARA synced tracks. Remember, synced groups are directly linked to an audio clip in the DAW. If the clips in the DAW are the same, the groups in SynthV Studio probably are as well. You may need to try executing a similar dissociate/make unique action in your DAW on the linked audio clip.

It looks like in Cubase this isn’t quite as trivial as I’m accustomed to from FL Studio:

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Yes, I’m very familar with Bounce Selection… that is what I am using. But I have to remove the ARA link or else Cubase will crash (most of the time) or lock up for 10s of seconds.

Unfortunately, I can’t get that context menu from my Arrangement panel.

So, I guess it is my ARA workflow!?!

I might change my work flow for a bit then. I’ll see if I can get a scratch guide track for the instruments and work on the vocal. That way I’ll be working with a small number of files. I’ll check out the b3 version.

Thanks for your help Claire :sunglasses::+1:

I have done some more research. I’m using ARA in Cubase with voice to MIDI.

For me at least, I think that the issue I’m seeing is partly due to a lack of understanding between a Synched track and a Local track.
I now have two tracks and I’m not sure how I ended up with two :thinking: Anyway, if I right-clicked the Local track I can see the Dissociate group I was looking for previously:
This is on the Local Track.

Please can you tell me the difference between a Synched Track and a Local Track. The documentation is sparse and not informative (unless I have missed something). Which should I use and when? Or what is considered best practice for these tracks?

Thanks for reading

From the official plugin guide: Synthesizer V Studio ARA Plugin Guide (

Synced Tracks and Local Tracks

The synchronization of note groups makes project management easier when working with new projects in ARA mode, but special care needs to be taken for the transition from a non-ARA workflow to the ARA-enhanced workflow: when trying to import an existing Synthesizer V Studio project into an ARA plugin, a mechanism is required to resolve the mismatch between the note groups in the imported project and the audio clips shared with the ARA plugin.

We present a solution by introducing Local Tracks which (as opposed to Synced Tracks) are not linked to any audio clip in the host. Local Tracks are meant to be used as a scratchpad when importing existing projects or from other formats such as MIDI files. During playback audio from all Local Tracks are mixed and routed to the currently selected track in the host, and during bouncing the Local Tracks will be muted.

To summarize:

  • Multiple instances of the same audio clip in the DAW are linked, so any groups in the ARA plugin synced to an audio clip will also be linked (ie. for the group to be unique in SynthV Studio, the clip it’s synced with has to be unique in the DAW)
  • Local Tracks are meant as a scratchpad – they are not rendered and only exist to facilitate importing MIDI sequences or other SVP files to be copied into a synced group
  • If you want a track that is not synced to anything in the DAW, use the original VST/AU instrument so that the plugin is treated as a sound source instead of an effect on an audio clip
    • If the ARA plugin is also present somewhere in the DAW project, it will act as a bridge and feed any instrument plugins tempo and playhead information about the DAW project
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…interesting… very interesting! :sunglasses::+1:

I shall read and digest.

Thank you Claire :+1: