Lost all my tracks in the Logic plug-in!

I’ve emailed support but thought I would post here too - a warning if nothing else.
Hoping I’ll be able to figure out a resolution…
Do not trust your Synth V data to be safe and recoverable by merely saving it in the plug-in within Logic.
There is no auto save from the plug-in so make sure to regularly manually save the .svp externally.

I’m using Logic Pro 10.8.1 in Rosetta along with the ARA Bridge plug in - and Synth V 1.11.0b2

I have been using the plug in window in Logic exclusively to enter and edit notes on Synth V.
I have only been saving the vocal part work within the Logic project - I didn’t have any concern about losing the Synth V information as it had been working well.
Until today - I suddenly lost all the vocal tracks. Even a saved earlier Logic project file (from Time Machine) doesn’t restore them.

Last things I did before the tracks disappeared -

I had several Synth V tracks on a current, active, working, finished project and went to bounce/export to master audio files in Logic to have a first listen.
The MP3 and AIFF files came back with no vocals.
I thought probably Synth V just didn’t run - because I didn’t bounce in real time.

I also realized I only had a working title - so I quit Logic and renamed the project and opened it again.
I went to set the Synth V parameters to synchronize tempo with host and found all the tracks were gone.
I have not been able to find them in any of the previous versions of the Logic project I’ve restored so far - going backward with Time Machine.

I’m really hoping that there’s a hidden SVP somewhere in the system or older Time Machine files I can recover from.
There are several days worth of work invested in the tracks created within the Synth V plug-in!

I know there is an option to save the .svp externally from in the plug-in window. I didn’t use it recently and wasn’t expecting this failure and trusted that at worst a back up copy in Logic would be reliable. I just wish the plug-in had an auto-save external SVP feature now. :frowning: Maybe there is a hidden file in the system or Logic project package somewhere?

There has to be a way in Time Machine to get it back. Still hoping.
EDIT - My next step will be a full system restore from Time Machine. (Yesterday’s copy - or something like that). I was only working on instruments the last couple of days - so hoping the vocal tracks will be restored in a full TM system backup. No reason why this shouldn’t work. Then I can save the .svp file immediately, and connect it back into the latest Logic file revision.

Sorry that happened to you and thank you for the tip to save externally.

Fwiw: Dreamtonics has a disclaimer on the beta that say some things may not work properly or something to that effect.

Just a follow up with good ending to my tale of woe!
I was able to recover a 2 day old copy of my Synth V work within Logic, from my Time Machine and using Migration Assistant. (This is the “new” way to restore using TM)

Once I got back to that earlier state of things on the MacBook Pro - I saved the .svp file from within the Synth V plug-in window. I saved two versions actually - one Save As - and one Save As (compatible with 1.9.0)

Copied them to external SSD, and also copied over to my Mac Studio - which I tested to make sure it was good before going back to Migration Assistant for one more pass - returning forward… - back to the most recent saved version of my Logic project.

From there I was able to load the recovered .svp into the most recent version of the Logic project.

A real pain to do all this. And now Synth V thinks I exceeded my authorizations!

Still no reply from support yesterday - hopefully they are quicker with the authorization response.

Final follow up. Contacting AH-Soft I was advised by DLSite to send my message in Japanese. Good advice as the response was only in Japanese. This is the translation. The issue was resolved!

I could have avoided this if I had known to de-activate the license when I experienced the data loss - before using Migration Assistant to recover it.

… … … … … … … From AH-Soft … … … … … … …

Thank you for your inquiry.

This is the AH-Software Support Center.

I’m sorry, but our user support is only available in Japanese.

Please understand.

It means that there is no all PC environment that can be deactivated, so the product of the contact

The restricted state has been lifted.

Could you please confirm?

I’m sorry, but unless it is impossible to operate, such as failure or OS crash, environmental migration

In that case, please de-active.

It happened again!

A couple of days ago I was making revisions to an existing project and saved in Logic Pro as a new project package.

Upon opening the project today all the Synth V tracks are gone from the plug-in window!!!

Luckily I learned my lesson from the last time I lost everything, and kept saving (multiple) NEW revisions of SVP files from within the plug in as changes were made. Versioning with date and times - so easy to load back the last one - or any earlier version.

Just be warned - at this stage - make SVP backups from within the plug-in. Saving you rSynth V data within the project only, isn’t stable. :grimacing:

Feature request - Have the Synth V plug-in pop up with an independent nag screen when saving or quitting a Logic project - "Would you like to save your SVP File? - Yes = go to - (SVP) Save As -