Rolled Rs?

I was messing around and trying to get Cong Zheng to say some random things awhile ago, occurred to me that one of the words I wanted her to say is supposed to be pronounced with a thrilled R. Does anybody know a way I can get her to do that or something similar to it in English?

Did you notice that it’s possible to switch languages of individual notes? You can try using the ‘r’ from japanese and see if it’s similar. Could try repeating it a few times.

OTHERWISE, you can try the ‘dx’ phoneme from english, its a tapped ‘t’ or ‘d’. but that’s very similar to the japanese ‘r’.

OTHERWISE OTHERWISE, and this is the most exciting answer i think, you can wait until Cong Zheng get’s spanish support, in which case she will know doubt have the capabilities you’re looking for. Yes synth-v is getting spanish X-lang, it’s in beta still.

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Change the language to Spanish and use rr phoneme.

In Emglish there is a way to get it done, but it involves drawing a series of very narrow spikes in the pitch line (parameters section). There was some old post and video explaining how to do it.

But seriously, the easiest way is changing language to Spanish and use the rr phoneme.

You can try wrting 'rr too (the ’ trick works on the lyrics, rather than the phonemes, is a bit of hit and miss for me, but it has helped me in a few occasions).

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Thank you! these seem to work and I really appreciate the different options given!

I haven’t downloaded the Spanish beta for her yet but I did try with Saros and that seemed to work! And you’re right that is very exciting! :slight_smile:

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Spanish does work very well for this, thank you so much for the advice!

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