ARA plugin error message

I’m using Cakewalk, which is compatible, but every time I try to load the ARA plugin, I get a “failed to start the plugin in ARA mode” error message. Any ideas?

You are loading the bridge program. Not nessesary when using Cakewalk By Bandlab or even the new Sonar.

What you want to do instead is create a region effect on a vocal guide track and choose the Vst plugin there.
It wll do the pesto chango stuff then pop open a synth v gui. You can then right click and extract the words and the way it was sung in the guide track into synth v piano roll notes and words. It’s a great way to get going. Barring auto importing a guide track you are also free to hand add notes and the transport with be locked to cake’s.

I’ve let them know via email that the bridge program isn’t working in cake so we cant use it in Sonar Platinum (ARA1) but I don’t expect then to much care as that’s old news .

Thanks, it seems to have worked after I rebooted. I was looking for the wav file to be present to click on but it appears as a long blob in the track. then clicking in the note area. The playback stuttering is very noticeable as I had the Buffer size set to 512… I changed it to 1024 and it helped, but the lag between the play head and actually hearing what is being sung is bad. I do have a really fast system , with Microsoft 10 pro, so I’m surprised that the lag is so noticeable. As you mentioned in your reply, i need to render it than I am only playing back a WAV file. It would have been nice to be able to adjust the vocals with the playback instead of waiting until it’s approx correct, rendering and then checking if there are any words that need fixing. I suppose I will need to get the vocals right first before doing, most of the instrument tracks… It was also interesting to see how the phonetics were spread across 2 midi notes, which for future stuff do, where the phrasing does not seem to fit, i could do the same thing …i.e start the ‘s’ of a word on the end of the note before ( hope that makes sense).

i really don’t use the ARA approach. i create the instrumental and export as a stereo WAV, then import that as an instrument track in the Synth V standalone vocal project. i’ll tweak the tempo changes as needed in the svp project and reload the instrument track if i make any significant arrangement changes. then export the vocals as individual tracks and bring those into the DAW project. i find it much less cluttered this way and treat the vocals as tracks in the DAW vs a plugin or region FX. keeps my DAW project more simple and stable.

some folks go so far as creating separate notes for the single phonomes across those individual notes to get duration and timing right.