Vocal like PsyTrance

Hi everyone !!

I’m new here, Please, I would like to know if is possible to get the same vocal of this link, Psytrance genre. in 02:03.


I think exactly the same vocal sample is used at 0:12 where there is less distraction, a short spoken line with loads of echo bouncing across the stereo field.
Spoken words aren’t always easy on SynthV but are doable, I think even a ‘Lite’ voice could cope with this - and being very short should be quite easy, the echo would be a job for your DAW or what ever though.

Hi Mechie!! Thanks for your answer!!

It’s exactly the same vocal sample at 0:12 you are right !!! I have been trying shorts, mediums and a long clips but It’s still not the same or close.

You will have to manually draw in a pitch line as SynthV will always default to singing a note.
Estimate the basic note you want the voice to speak in, go to the pitch parameter line and imagine how the voice needs to be pitched, if you haven’t done this before it can be quite a surprise how much our voices shift during some words, the end of a question can rise by maybe an octave!

Below are two snippets of a song where the last word is spoken:-

Trial and error will be required :+1:

I just had a go at a line similar to the PsyTrance one using Solaria Lite, not perfect but I think near enough to demonstrate the possibility. Here I selected the pitch curve directly on the piano roll using the arrowed button, note how “the” on the piano roll is set at a pitch of F4 but I have pulled it down to E4 with the pitch line, I also split “reaction” into 3 notes with a syllable on each so I can control the timing as well as pitch of each, the final syllable being pulled down 3 semitones below my piano roll’s guessed note.

Hi Mechie !!

Thank you very much for your ansewrs, and I’m sorry for only responding now. I’ll try it today and I’ll let you know. Cheers !