"Do do do" sounds like "to to to"

I’ve been trying to get some " do do do " sounds in a song but they kind of sound like there’s a " t " sound at the start of each note, almost like " to to to ". I’m using Saros. Any ideas on how to improve it?


I don’t know what range Saros is singing these 'do-do-do’s or what voice colours you’ve applied, but generally speaking ‘do’ and ‘to’ are formed in the mouth much the same way. Perhaps the subtle difference is that ‘to’ seems to explode more…

You may find that on longer notes ‘do’ is sung much more clearly and easier to hear. The shorter or faster the note the difference becomes less and less. My initial thought would be to reduce the vibrato on the short notes that seems to help.

Also if you say ‘do’ and ‘to’ there’s a lenthening of 'do’s consonant ‘d’ in comparison you could try this also.

Failing all this, once you’ve added the other components to your song your listeners will make up for any super fine technical tuning you think you need at this stage?

Hope that helps…

Thank you for your insights. I’m going to experiment futher. Maybe a de-esser applied will soften the crispness.

The word “do” is given the phonemes d uw as if it were part of a sentence, but in this context you may want dx uw, d ax, or dx ax instead.


Ahh, ok. I’ll give them a try. Thanks!

Sometimes alternate spellings (or turning one word into 2 or more) work better that the actual spellings.

Try Dew, or Doo for instance.

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The dx uw works perfectly! Combined with the original d uw, they sound natural.

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