Synthesizer V - Spoken Word


Best YT channel about Synth V by far.


So first off thank you thank you thank you :smile: i still haven’t tried the beta, just waiting patiently for the finished update but that video answered so many questions i had about the way aria works. I do have one final question though. I haven’t seen anyone actually change the note. Can you do that? Could you drag all the words to the same note?

I would suggest to put this question on the YouTube video comments directly, as I think the author will friendly answer you. :wink:

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Yes, especially when using RAP mode. But as you see in the video, that wouldn’t be very realistic.

Compare to this video about a whispery voice, where even in RAP mode (later also Sing mode) several notes are used:


I cannot possibly agree MORE!

I have used speaking lines in songs, a singer starts to sing but for effect drops into speaking for the last few words, it works for me.
[Vocal like PsyTrance - mechie の #5](Link to my attempt at explaining)