YouTube "Disclosure of the use of synthetic or altered content" apply in synth V?

Hello everyone, I hope you are fine.

I have a question, I recently saw that they applied a new YouTube rule called “Disclosure of the use of synthetic or altered content” and that you have to check a box, however I don’t know if synth v applies to that new rule, So my question is, should I check that box that my content has disclosure of use of altered synthetic content? Thanks in advance if anyone knows more about it.

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I consider SynthV more or less as a Kontakt library. I would not feel I have to label a sampled drum part as “altered or synthetic” in the way YouTube describes it in their help center, so I will not consider SynthV either.

The idea behind this new rule is to avoid confusion in people from AI (and especially generative AI) created content, that might mislead people to consider real something that isn’t. For example, if someone uses AI to create a video of soldiers of a nation doing things, that becomes very sensitive and any confusion might create big troubles. Also, consider the new trend of fake models that populate instagram and TikTok…

I will not check that box on my songs. Clearly, if you make a song with Saros then stick the audio on a real video of your band performing on a stage, that would be a different matter.

Disclaimer: all above is just my interpretation, I don’t work for Google and I might be wrong.


I don’t understand what OOtube hopes to achieve with this…
I have a rompler keyboard so I suppose that is similar to SynthV in it’s sound source, debateably ‘real’ although the final output could not exist without the manipulation we are applying … so ‘synthetic’, definitely ‘altered’?

I have a few synth keyboards, every sound is ‘synthetic’ by definition - or could you say it is a real synthesiser so not ‘altered or synthetic’?
My electronic organ does pipe organ (among others), ‘synthetic’ again?

I guess every track I have ever done should be classified as ‘synthetic’, I assume virtually every commercial recording - would’nt a real orchestra doing a single ‘punch-in’, overdub or retake mean the final product is at best ‘altered’?


If you read their help center on the matter, it’s clearer. They just want to avoid the confusion between videos created with AI that could be mistaken for real, and real footage.

They clearly state, for example, that face enhancement filters are NOT subject to this disclosure.
Oth, if you ask Sora to create a video of a protest in some capital city and it’s not real footage, you must disclose that it’s fake.

So, imho, all synth music, sample libraries, and SynthV, don’tfall in that category.


I think most every one agrees - Synth V is simply a sound source - not an artificial content creator.

Content being the key word.

If they add features that automatically creates melodies and lyrics then you have an AI content generator.


I agree with this


Creators must disclose content that:

  • Makes a real person appear to say or do something they didn’t do
  • Alters footage of a real event or place
  • Generates a realistic-looking scene that didn’t actually occur

Nope. You don’t need to apply that, at least to SynthV audio


Thank You so much for all answers in My question, I had doubts about this theme so, now I clearer to me. Thank for every opinion.