A couple of problems.

  1. Supposedly, when you’ve got a note (word) selected, the voice functions are supposed to control only that note. When I select a note and make a change, it’s changed universally for all notes. Is there a trick I’m missing?
    2a) The pause button isn’t pausing - it’s sending it back to the beginning same as the stop button.
    2b) When I added an instrumental track, the stop button quit working and only the pause button works (like the stop button is supposed to, not pausing).

I wonder if you have all the notes in a group? Try right-clicking on a note in the piano roll and see if you get the option to “disband group”.
For the PAUSE key, look at the row of icons to the left of the PAUSE button, there is a button that looks like a T>, select that and the pause will stop the playhead where it is, the STOP will now jump back to the last position set by a PAUSE or click on the timeline. Now you need the button that looks like I< to the right of PAUASE, STOP, PLAY etc.

That solved the “pause” button issue. Thanks. However, right clicking on the note, the “Disband Group” and “Dissociate Group” options are greyed out and only the “Merge Into Group” option is available (as I haven’t grouped anything at this point yet). The reason mainly for that is, the videos show the arrow tool next to the pencil tool is the selection tool. I can’t get it to work. I have to click on and select individual notes while holding down the ctrl key to make multiple selections.

Could you please clarify this, I’m a little confused whether you are referring to vocal mode or actual voice (Kevin becoming Solaria for a single note?) or something else?
I normally see two toolbars on screen, one for the piano roll and one for the parameters, which are you referring to?
If you are trying maybe to select ‘Soft’ mode for a couple of notes then you need to be altering the parameter curves, changing the vocal mode preset in the Voice control window will apply to the whole track ???

Changes in the “Voice” side panel affect the entire track/group.
Changes in the “Note Properties” side panel affect the selected notes.
Changes in the “Parameters” panel (at the bottom) affect specific moments in the time axis, separate from any notes in the Piano Roll.