Voice to MIDI - in Logic?

Before I go trying to learn to do this - does it even work in Logic?
Not sure if Voice to MIDI is considered part of the Deep ARA Integration - or it’s a stand alone ARA feature that will work in Logic (ARA Bridge Mode only supported).

I saw one demo online that showed exporting the result to a WAV - implying it couldn’t be anything other than an export audio file…
But isn’t it possible to just copy the resultant notes into a Synth V track using the plug-in?

so far (i’m using Cakewalk) the ARA doesn’t provide an option to do the autio-to-MIDI conversion in SynthV. so typically i export the vocals as a WAV (dragging it out of CW or using the export function), then dragging it into SynthV (generally i use it in standalone mode) or importing as an instrument track. then doing the conversion. if i just wanted MIDI in CW, i would simply use my Melodyne plugin.

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Voice-to-MIDI is a function run on either an ARA synced group or an instrumental track in SynthV Studio.

If you aren’t using ARA synced tracks, just drag the wav file into SynthV and right click on it.

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