FEATURE REQUEST : basic functions that might help users

Hi Guys.

Would you please consider bringing an option to start playing from last position, as many daws do ?

Could you please add"click" (click + alt, click+ctrl, etc…) in the shortcuts, so we can customize the program to our routine ? (example : copying a single note by clicking on it as well as pressing alt or ctrl, or maj and moving it at the desired position, would be helpful

Note preview, as it existed on first versions ?

Can you consider tooltips for beginners ?

Mackie control for the standalone version ?

A timecode viewer ?

Along with vol and pan buttons, some very useful transpose slider ?

A better playhead positionning in ARA mode, using ARA protocol instead of the usual timecode sent by daws ? (or adding some delay collecting the time data, so when the daw get back to it’s initial position SV collects the right timecode, at this time there’s always some annoying delays on the timeline)

Some scrubing and split function for the instrumental tracks in standalone mode ?

Just my two cents, here, thank you (could not reply to your comment so I needed to edit the initial post)

Dreamtonics does not monitor these forums for suggestions. If you want the developers to see your feedback, you must send it by email to [email protected].

Select the |> icon above the piano roll to switch from “pause” to “stop” behavior (item 5 in this diagram):

Enable the status bar in the Settings panel. Information about the button or option you hover your mouse over will be displayed at the bottom of the UI. This includes some timing information if you mouse over the time axis above the piano roll.

Is this not what the current beta already does? If you decide to forward this request to the developers, it’s not very clear what you mean by this.

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My bad, after a few trials, it appears to work correctly now, at least regarding playhead positioning.
Will go on testing the program.