[Kevin, Natalie Duet original] Glad To Be your Friend

when i was working a lot in Amsterdam, there were weekly open mic nights (the Backstage Cafe) and it’s primary focus was on showcasing people performing their original music. as a result, i had a fairly high-productivity period writing songs – i would pick a theme (or theme-like :slight_smile: ) – and try to write something.

in this case, just kind of had a silly melody in my head, so, i wrote this. it seemed to be popular with the crowd, and Max (running the open mic) said it took a few days to get out of his head as he kept humming and whistling it… LOL.

so recording a new version for my relics collection, i had this fun idea of a duet thingie like they used to do in the 70’s… backing vocals are also Kevin & Natalie.

a release from the “relics” album which uses Synth V vocalists - mainly Kevin and Natalie. additional backing vocals often include Asterian, Solaria, Sheena, Anri, and Jun.

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