Synthesizer V version 1.11.0 has been released

Both the Basic and Pro versions can now be downloaded and installed in the official version 1.11.0.


In Studio One 6 it doesn’t remember the window size (size).

That’s all well and good - BUT how do you get to the “download” function? Periodically, I go to the Dreamtonics web site and every time I do, it has changed, and I can’t find anything any more. So, could you please enlighten me as to how to get there?

Go to Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社 and click the big green “Download” button.

If you’ve purchased the product, click the link in your order email.

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I have the 11 b3 (pro) installed and it’s saying “updates available”… I thought it did an auto update to the last version (10) from a beta 10, not sure though…?? I don’t see how to get the 11-final update applied - clicking “download” takes me to the store. I’ll try to re-install v10 and see what happens…(It does say"You can access the updates for Synthesizer V Studio and voice databases through the License and Updates panel inside Synthesizer V Studio.")

An update: found the original email with product activation info. The given download link gets the current official version. Problem solved. I guess, once you get on the Beta branch, the auto update won’t happen - that’s for the voice databases too, looks like.
(clue was in Claire’s earlier response - thanks as always Claire!)

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Is there any method that I can download the previous version? the new version keeps crashing when I try to open fils that I created in older version

Ok so I updated 1.11 to 1.11.b3 version and now it works, weird~~~