[Script] Vocal Mode Curve Arithmetic Transfer

The name isn’t very helpful so I’ll just explain it. This script has a simple math interpreter built in so you can add and mix vocal mode curves to transfer to another vocal mode automation. I thought it would be useful to have a way to mix parameters, but I also felt like having just sliders would be limiting, so I researched how to make a simple math interpreter just for this one!

Example: You have two modes, Soft and Mellow, but the vocal you’re switching to only has one soft mode. You can mix the two with the arithmetic feature of the plugin! Just enter 0.5 * (Soft + Mellow) to average the two curves!

Direct Download link/Source code (GitHub)
Video Showcase on Twitter/X



  • Add more mathematical operations (exp, ln, log, pos, neg, abs)
  • Add even curve sampling
  • Add previous configuration saving
  • Allow self-assignment operations
  • Change internal name from “Vocal Mode Curve Arithmetic Transfer” to “Parameter Curve Arithmetic Transfer”

Video Showcase on Twitter/X