I just loaded the latest Synth V and I am trying to use the ARA mode. I re-ran the maanger in cakwalk to find the ARA file and I can select it with add region effect in cakewalk. however; when I look at the file in synth v It does not appear as a wav form or I do not have the option to convert to midi. ( it does work if I add as a plug in on the voice only wav track.) . When I look at the instructions at Dreamtronics there appears to be a green tab in the right hand corner that says run in ARA mode. This green tab does not appear on the track I am working as a region effect. Am I missing something. Also when I press play Cakewalk just jitters and does not play back. If I remove the region effect then it plays back the track . am I missing something.

you don’t use the bridge mode with Cakewalk. when you select the region fx using the synth v ARA plugin you’ll find a track and a group in the ui. assign a voice and select the auto-process extract notes from audio. you need to select a voice to enable the extract function. once you do that and make any adjustments etc, render the region fx.
as a note - i make a copy of the vocal track i’m replacing and keep the original intact in case i need to do other tracks with other voices or just for safety…