Saving project inside DAW (SynthV 1.11.0)

With current version of Synthesizer V 1.11.0, the saving project behavior has changed.
The option menu “Save to external file (ctrl + s)” behavior seems to be different.
I never use the option “Save inside host” because of multiple crash caused by Synth V during editing inside my Cubase Pro 13. So I can loose both DAW and Synth V updates.

Remark: I know that a log is done on a specific folder to retrieve the pre-saved project by Synth V. But mainly, it is not my last updates. So I never use this. More confident with my own saving process.

Previously with the previous version of Synth V:
Menu option “Save to external file (ctrl + s)” was enabled (active) after any update inside the project.
So I was saving the current project by using the shortcut CTRL + S.

With the last version 1.11.0 of Synth V:
This option menu is always displayed disabled when checked.
And the shortcut Ctrl +s does not work (if I check my last external file date & time).
Even if I save my DAW project, nothing is saved into my last external file!

So what I am doing now, a workaround (to be sure that I have saved the last version) :
1/ Click on “Save inside host”
2/ Click on “Save to external file” and use a new file to keep the previous saved file clean (historical files). And this each time I remember to save my project before any DAW crash…

So my questions are:
When I use CTRL-S shortcut to save my external project file.
1/ CTRL-S shortcut a bug?
2/ CTRL-S inside DAW can send a save notification to SynthV project?
To avoid closing DAW project without saving the last version of the SynthV project.