New voice replacement feature at

Kenta and others have successfully tested Audimee and hopefully we can soon test Vocoflex. But today another voice-changing service was released. It is found at the stem splitting site
It is in beta for the moment and free to use. No idea how good or useful it is!

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I had a listen to it and… I’m not impressed.

I can’t imagine they’ve actually contracted these singers (or the estates) for the rights to use the voices.

Elvis is listed as an available voice, but the state of Tennessee passed a law literally dubbed the “Elvis Law” that comes into effect in July, making it illegal for a person or company to reproduce the voice of people or others without their permission, for any use whatsoever. So the “it’s free” defense isn’t going to stand.

But based on the samples I listened to, I doubt they could get sued, because the output didn’t actually resemble Elvis, or any of the other celebrities that it listed. (They could get sued for using the name and likeness of the celebrities, though).

They list their target users as “Musicians, DJs, Music Labels, Producers, Music Gear Manufacturers,
Karaoke Software…”, but who’s going to release music knowing they can be sued for infringing on a copyright?

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I uploaded an mp3 of a mixed song of mine with me singing.
It’s changes the timbre a bit but not enough of a vocal change to say yay.

I absolutely agree, the examples are not impressive. And copyright issues is an unknown factor. Let’s see what happens! As soon as I have time I will upload a track and see how it sounds! Can it make me, a 70 yo male with a really bad voice, sound like Lady Gaga or Louis Armstrong or some other celebrity? And if so, in what possible way would that be useful to me? :grin: