Mouse wheel no longer scrolls over hovered panel in VST

When running the VST, if the Arrangement panel is open, mouse wheel actions scroll the Arrangement panel regardless of what panel the mouse is hovering over. If the Arrangement panel is collapsed, the mouse wheel only scrolls the Piano Roll panel. I cannot get any other panels to scroll with the mouse, nor can I control which of the Arrangement or Piano Roll panels is scrolls without collapsing the Arrangement panel.

So, for example: if I have the Settings panel open, and my mouse is hovering over that panel, when I scroll the mouse the Arrangement panel will scroll, not the Settings panel. If I hover over the Piano Roll panel and scroll the mouse, the Arrangement panel will still scroll, not the Piano Roll. The only way to get the Piano Roll to scroll is to collapse the Arrangement panel. I have found no way to get the Settings-type panels to scroll with the mouse.

The problem occurs in the VST only. I am running 1.11.0 Pro on Ableton Live 10.1.43.

This issue does not occur in the standalone SynthV. In standalone, mouse wheel actions correctly trigger scrolling on the panel the mouse is over.

This was not a problem until today.

SOLVED: Some plugins, SynthV included, are very particular about Hi-DPI settings, and can mis-display or mis-register input when run in a DAW under certain DPI conditions. To fix this issue, I right-clicked the SynthV plugin in Ableton and de-selected “Auto-Scale Plugin Window”. Mouse input now registers normally.

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Interesting, maybe this could be a solution to some weird interactions on high screen resolutions.