Split Note Not Working!? [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,
I must be missing something… :man_shrugging:
I have been editing my vocal parts for the past couple of days without too much trouble. Great fun and learning a lot in the proess. Today, for some reason, the Split Note function has stopped working! In fact the whole Right-Click context menu (when a note is selected) has disappeared. I have checked the manual (and searched the posts here) but no luck.
Have I checked/unchecked something?? I don’t know. I have even restarted SVS Pro a few times but it remains unchanged, I can’t get get Split Note (or any functionality) to appear in the right-click context menu.
I know it is available in the Scripts menu but I would really like it back on the right-click menu.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

Ahh… it appears that I had a problem with my tracker ball’s buttons. The right-click button got moved to another button! Weird. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Gotta love easy fixes! :laughing:

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Similar problem for me - I’ve only been using Synth V for a short time but have never been able to get the Split Note function to work properly. It may be something I’m doing wrong but having tried various things, I suspect not.

the split note (right click) is dependent on the resolution (e.g .1/16 note, 1/32 note etc) AND where you position the cursor over the note. so if you have a 1/4 note and you have 1/32 note resolution and you hover your cursor over last 1/16 of the note, it will split there… ditto for the middle or beginning part of the note. so cursor placement is something to watch.



Ah… See Fossle’s reply… :blush:

Will certainly look out for that gotcha! :+1::sunglasses: