Hi everyone ie. Claire

Hi I am having a small issue with ‘‘s’’ at the end of a word eg. intentions
The s fades quickly so it sounds like intention how can make the s sound more pronounced.
This happens on other words as well
Hope you can help.
Txs Bryan

Hi, Byran.

It might help to include which singer you’re using as well as the pitch and duration, so others can try to duplicate the issue.

If you open the Note Properties panel with by pressing Ctrl+B or the Note Properties icon:

and then select the note with the last syllable:


You’ll be able to adjust the Timing and Phonemes in the Note Properties panel:

Options include:

  • Make the Duration of the z longer
  • Make the Strength of the z higher
  • Change the phoneme of the z from default (“DFLT”) to an alternate take (“ALT1” or “ALT2”) by clicking the DFLT button. (Changing the prior/next phoneme may also alter it).
  • Choose an alternate but similar phoneme for z, such as s:


Hi there
Txs for responding
I have applied everything that you have suggested but with little improvement :thinking:
Have a look at my screen shot and see if I have overlooked something.

There’s been a spacebar typed after the word intentions , try to rewrite without it and then maybe change the last “z” with an “s” , it should sound sharper then

Often the easiest way to correct a single phoneme is to isolate it. Remove it from the existing note, shorten the note you took it from, and assign the phoneme to its own dedicated note. You can then adjust the timing more precisely by making the z note bigger or smaller.

Sometimes making it longer isn’t the entire solution, since a drawn out z or s might be rendered softer or quieter than a short one.

If the length of the phoneme is right but it’s still not audible enough, you can also consider adding a spike of loudness or breathiness in the parameters panel.

If the length is right, but the enunciation is lacking, try adding a subtle tailing phoneme that doesn’t affect the pronunciation too much like hh (aspiration), cl (glottal stop), sil (silence), or pau (pause).

In all cases, by telling the engine that the z isn’t the actual end of the phrase, you can cause it to sustain the phoneme better. These four phonemes won’t always work in every situation, because they each affect the dynamics and enunciation differently (for example, pau probably won’t work here, but might work better in the middle of a phrase because it’s very dependent on what comes before and after it).

If this results in a tailing sound you don’t like, but it fixes the z, just drop the loudness to zero at the moment of the unwanted sound, or cut it out in your DAW.


Hi Claire
Thanks again for your input.
It seems separating the last phenome z is the key. I wasn’t aware you could do this, then it’s just a matter of parameter adjustments duration, volume etc to achieve good results.
I guess the default loudness of the phenomes z or s, when placed at a beginning or end of a word is quite low maybe to reduce sibilance … maybe not :roll_eyes:
Once again a big txs for you help