Help with using voicebanks and activation

hey, i just got the trial version of synth v, and signed up for two free voice banks. i tried copy and pasting the code i got in email into the registration pop up, and it accepted it… but i dont have any singers. what am i supposed to do to be able to use elenor forte? do i have to get a paid version?

You have to actually download the voice banks.

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On the Download page, you have to scroll down to the character’s image (ex: Eleanor) and you have to click either the green Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac icon (that says like 95 GB or whatever above the “Register for Free” button). It gives you a .exe file to download the voice. When you finish the prompts and open Synth V, the voice should be able to be selected from the drop-down.

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ok. thank you; i just got it to work, and it sounds amazing

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Good day, I use Ubuntu. How do I install the Downloaded voice

For example, if you are installing Eleanor Forte’s voice:

  • Extract the zip archive.
  • Go into the database folder of the zip archive.
  • Take the folder named “eleanor-forte” and put it into Synth V’s database folder.
  • Go into the registration folder of the zip archive.
  • Take the file from the registration folder and put it into Synth V’s registration folder.

If you do not put the voice’s registration file into Synth V’s registration folder, you will get an error message when trying to use the voice (like I did).

where would I find the registration folder? i searched in the Synth V folder and I can’t find it :frowning:

This thread from 2 years ago was regarding the old editor and doesn’t apply to current-generation SynthV Studio.

If you’re looking to use lite voices for SynthV Studio you just need to install them, no additional activation is necessary.

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hey you thin, you can help me out lol im trying to install the voices cause it downloaded as a setup and not a folder and when i get to a point where it tells me to set a folder i select synthesizer v but when i click next is says “Select a folder that Synthesizer V is installed in” and i try to find anything but the folder but i cant find the program installed folder

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