Please Scream Inside Your Heart (3 original songs)


We made some pop songs featuring Eleanor Forte! Enjoy if you will.


Nice songs!!


While it’s not my favorite genre, it’s great that you make your own songs, not covers like most users. :smiley:


Thanks @Argentinian-SynthVlo!

@green The way I see it, making your own version of someone else’s song is a noble and humble endeavour, writing songs is hard, and if you love a song then re-making it is totally ok. But it would be good to hear more original songs by Synth V creators. I am sure people out there have the potential to create some beautiful new music. Especially if they have learnt their craft on covers.

One of my songs started out as a cover. I did all the lyrics and everything, but it wanted to be something else and I let it happen. Maybe that approach could work for others too.