Connect to host DAW ?

Older version of Synthesizer V could connect to a host DAW with a plugin.
Can this new version be connected to a host DAW ?

Next update. 1.05 still in the oven it is hinted at on twitter.
It may be (I’m hoping) a full fledged VST3 VSTi that runs as a plugin in your DAW. - Don’t quote me or hold your breath, I just reading what I think Kanru has said. He’s not very candid for whatever reason.

From twitter:

“We are also joining the official AHS livestream tonight at 20:00 and sharing some info on the upcoming 1.0.5 update that includes a VST plugin version.”

The livestream was in Japanese and the You Tube translation to english was laughable and throughout I only saw Kanru nod and applaud from time to time"

The SV1 implementation, while worked well, was a kludge.

It he gives us a VSTi in the DAW version of what we have standalone, I’m going to drag him back to the states and have a parade.

Prolly not, but I would be very happy indeed. That means it can sync along back and forth, with all daws not just reaper.

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V1 had annoyances and was great yes.
But it wasn’t a VSTi. It ran standalone but connected to the host DAW with a tiny SV plugin.
Actually now that I’m thinking about it, even when it was “sync’d” it was only the audio signal coming into the DAW mixer channel. The song position and tempo was ignored lol.
Does it work inside Repear??

Kanru has said that bidirectional control only worked in reaper.
back when the vst stub was released in the release notes.

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