Small question about number of Activations

I just bought Synthesizer V Studio Pro Edition and the email mentions the following;

Your Synthesizer V Editor registration code is as follows:
(it can be installed with three times)

I’ve been wondering about the wording.
Does this mean I can only use my License 3 times and then have to buy a new one/ contact support or does this mean it can be activated on 3 Machines at once?

(Sorry if the question is silly the wording just confuses me a bit)

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I took it to mean that you can only load it on three machine at a time.
Which is generous.

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It can be used 3 times without deactivation. When you don’t need or want to replace your computer, you should first deactivate the product on your old computer.
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Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: That’s good to know.

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