Synthesizer V Studio Tutorial Series / 入門シリーズ / 官方教程系列

Synthesizer V Studio Tutorial Series / 入門シリーズ

(YouTube, English/Japanese version)

本系列为Dreamtonics为近期推出的Synthesizer V Studio制作的一套简短的视频教程,面向初次接触的用户和从一代软件升级的用户。

Resources: Downloadable materials for Synthesizer V Studio

1 - A First Glance / 初步了解

This tutorial covers workspace layout, customization, navigation and playback control.

2 - Melody and Lyrics Creation / 编辑旋律和歌词

This tutorial covers creating notes and entering lyrics.

3 - Groups and Tracks / 音符组和音轨

This tutorial shows how to work with note groups and multi-track projects.

4 - Tuning Basics / 基本调声操作

This tutorial covers some basic techniques for fine tuning the voice using Note Properties Panel and Voice Panel.

5 - Parameter Panel / 参数面板

This tutorial covers the usage of Parameter Panel, which offers more flexibility than note properties when it comes to the fine tuning of vocal expressions.

6 - Pitch Tuning on the Piano Roll / 钢琴卷帘界面上的音高调声

This tutorial covers direct pitch editing mode, a feature that brings intuitive fine tuning of pitch curves to the piano roll.

7 - Export Your Project to WAV Files / 导出工程到WAV文件

This tutorial covers Render Panel, which manages various export options while double functioning as a monitor for live rendering progress. We then move on to demonstrate how separated aspiration output (available in the Pro version) helps when post-processing the exported audio.
本教程介绍渲染面板,它管理各种导出选项,同时也用作实时渲染进度的监视器。然后我们继续示范输出分离的气音(在 Pro 版本中提供)在后期处理音频时会提供怎样的帮助。

8 - Special Lyrics and Phonemes / 特殊歌词和音素

This tutorial completes the topic of lyrics editing introduced in the 2nd video. We first demonstrate special lyrics for distributing syllables over notes and then move deeper into adjusting the phonemes.
本教程完善 #2 视频中介绍的歌词输入课题。我们首先示范特殊歌词在音符上的音节分配,然后更深入地调整音素。

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