Scroll the piano roll in both dimensions with middle/right click

It would be great to be able to click and drag the piano roll around making it scroll on its own, like a map in a strategy game.

Let’s say I click and hold (with either the scroll wheel or right mouse button) anywhere in the piano roll and move the cursor 3 cm up and 5 cm left, I want the whole ‘sheet’ to move 3 cm up and 5cm left.

I know I can scroll vertically using the mouse wheel normally, and horizontally holding the shift key, but not only does that requires specific positioning of both hands it straight up doesn’t work for other pointing devices without a mouse wheel, and I really enjoy using a wacom tablet rather than a mouse to input notes.

I know. 99% of users are probably just using a mouse with a wheel (as I often do myself), but even then this feature would be useful because of how intuitive it is to drag and drop things into a new position like that.

Hopefully I explained this intelligibly, but I’ll gladly explain further if I didn’t. Thank you for reading.

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Middle-click drag is such a great feature. I use it in Reaper all the time.

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You can do this now! Release v0.1.0 · MintyDoggo/SynthW · GitHub

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