MIDI Controller Support

While this isn’t something I consider a deal-breaker but more in the would-be-nice category since it looks like this is something you may have considered at some point.

You can already play a generic note on the piano roll by clicking on it but it would also be helpful if you could also set it to have a voicebank speak a particular syllable or phrase you set pitched to whatever you click on the piano roll.

Additionally it would be useful if you could map the piano roll clicks to a MIDI controller so you can quickly locate a pitch or quickly find out how a voicebank would react to a particular set of notes you could just play on a keyboard.


I agree, It would also be great if buttons on the midi controller could be mapped to the various setting in the interface, such as controlling pitch with the modwheel.

Would be awesome, for sure. Noteentry would just be a slight bonus. My workflow usually involves making a MIDI in Reaper first, then transferring to SynthV

But AmeMal’s suggestion would be amazing. Imagine using the mod wheel to record any parameter live.

I am in support of this feature, also.

I personally use a Korg MicroKey Keyboard and NanoKontrol2 as my main MIDI devices.

It would be handy to work with these in Synthesizer V Studio Pro. Similar to the MIDI support found in DAWs like Reaper, Cubase, etc.

I agree. With the support of MIDI devices, we can not only record notes, but also record automation (parameters).