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Hello everyone! I am contemplating getting the new Synthesizer for the discount (I am a new user). If I buy the synth V, do I still have to pay for other voice bank like Eleanor, Renri and Quadimension? Does anyone know how much the synthesizer will cost when the discount time is up? Thank you for reading!

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Rofl, that thread title.

Quadimension is not a voice. Make sure you know what you want!

Yes, voice banks are generally sold separately. After you buy Synth V you can

  • Find free voice banks (ie Saki Lite and Eleanor Forte Lite)
  • Pay for other voice banks

Sometimes (ie AHS store) you can find a “pack” - Synth V + a voice bank.

To find out how much it will cost, try comparing with current prices of other stores. I got mine from AniCute.

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Thank you for replying, I’m glad you like the thread title. When I say Quadimension, I’m referring to Medium 5 (now there’s six, voice banks Stardust, Chiyu, Muxin…etc.) Will they be free if I purchase the Pro? Did they cost money before?

Eleanor Forte lite is free.

The full version of voicebanks require additional purchases, and you can buy them directly to get a Synthesizer V Studio basic edition.
Some voicebanks have The Lite version, so you can choose to try it out before deciding whether to purchase the full version.
When you need more features, you need a professional version, see the official website information, the professional version will not contain any voicebanks.
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Is this accurate? The professional version currently only uses the Lite voicebanks, but once the full voicebanks are available, will it still not bundle any?

If that is true, Vocaloid 5 is a much more compelling product, as it ships with four vocaloids, for about the same price as Studio Pro plus one voicebank pack.

@khuasw - can you comment on your plans for bundling (or not bundling) commercially usable voicebanks with Studio Pro?

As far as I know, the voices are sold separately - but that may change over time of course.

(since writing this, I notice that bundles are available on the Anicute website).

I was told last week by the creators of Eleanor Forte that the price for her voicebank would be “around 80 dollars”.


I really like Eleanor’s voice, she worked well in a quick cover I did with basic. And Studio is really great to use, had no issues at all. A little finicky on note length vs phoeneme length but nothing terrible. All in all very happy with Synth V Studio.

However, it’s going to be a really tough call to make if you get no commercially releasable voicebanks bundled with Pro. It will actually be quite a bit more expensive than Vocaloid 5 just to get the same English and Japanese coverage that the latter ships with…

I have just checked out the Anicute website, and it seems that they ARE selling Synth V Studio Pro and voice bundles here…

Anicute Shop

…but of course, they are not English voicebanks, if that it is important to you.

Interesting, thanks.

Their Synthesizer V Studio Pro + Saki + AiKO + GENBU bundle comes out to at least a reasonable price. It it were possible to get Synthesizer V Studio Pro + Eleanor + a male english voicebank for around ¥16000 that would definitely be a reasonable buy.

It turns out AHS sells a bundle of Pro with a download code for one voicebank for ¥17555. Hmm.

On one hand, that’s pretty anemic compared to what you get with Vocaloid 5 for ¥28000. On the other hand, the licenses on the full voicebanks are probably much less restrictive than Yamaha’s licenses on Vocaloids, which seem kind of closer to the Lite licenses.