SynthV Talkloid

Does anyone know of any good tutorials for making SynthV characters talk without singing? It’s something that I really want to try.

It should be the same as it is with any other voice synth - still tricky and not quite what the software was designed for.Since the software sings instead of acting as a normal TTS program, you have to mess things up to make it sound like a TTS program.

I think it’s more effort than it’s worth for anything other than small moments in a song, short phrases, or I’m bored projects. But here’s how I’d approach it.

Start with a higher BPM at about 180 so I have more space to phrase with. I’d lay out the talking sequence as notes in monotone and start messing with the pacing, note length, split up and arrange phonemes by ear until I get something that sounds like a natural monotone.

Then I’d start embellishing, moving a note up or down the cleff here and there while changing breathiness and intensity for accents and expressiveness until it slowly develops into what I want or at least get to a point where I’d say “it’s fine.”