trouble with loading voice banks

Hi, I’m very new to synth v and vocal synth in general. I recently downloaded the basic studio but the voices won’t load in it. I downloaded the voice bank (Eleanor Forte) sepereatley a few times and she still won’t appear in the program even after I hit the “refresh” button in the “choose voice” folder. I’m very confused on what I need to do to get her. I tried applying for the free license as well but I was unable to actually get it because every time I filled out the thing it would take me to an error page. If it helps, I am using a Mac book. If anyone can help that would be amazing thank you. (PS if this is tagged wrong, I apologize I don’t really understand what the tag names mean and it asked me to choose one so I just chose it randomly)

Drag n’ drop the file on top of the SynthV GUI (If I recall correctly).

A readme.txt at least with such instructions was apparently too much to ask.

Are you using the Lite version available from Anicute?, because these are the only voicebanks that work in generation 2 synth v basic. The link that gave you the error message was the outdated eleanor forte for gen 1 synth v. On a mac, you should be able to just drag the extracted .svpk file onto the synth v editor itself to install the voicebank.

yeah, I eventually figured it out and got Eleanor’s lite version to work and its running well. (I’m so bad with technology lol). I feel a little dumb, but thank you for you help <3

Yeah no prob! Someone should really fix that broken link for the first gen vocals and editor, or just remove those links and have them redirect to Anicute instead.