Cannot Create Any Note

yep, i literally cannot create any note. at all, neither from double clicking to selecting note creation mode. i have my voicebanks loaded and they seem to have been installed, but i cannot draw the actual note melody. i can click the little piano on the side and it will play so I know that its capable of playing some sound. my program cant seem to open the most recent update package either so maybe the problem is there. I am on the latest MacOS and just downloaded from the link on the bottom of the main dreamtonics page. any insight at all would be very much appreciated because im at my wits end.

Hi there,

Check out the following image…


… is that what you see on your screen?

If so, then you have not selected a voice to play.

What about this when you click the microphone icon on the right of the screen…


If you see these, then the voice is set up OK.

If not, then you have to select a voice for the track in the arrangement window.

Click on the "unnamed track"in the arrangement window shown in image 1 above, and select “Eleanor Forte” from the drop down.

Then Just double click inside the grid to the right of the piano roll to add notes, and you should see them displayed as in this image…

Then press the play button above the grid, and, assuming everything is installed OK, you should hear your notes.

Hope that helps.

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Oh, and as for your problem updating the program, you are not alone I am afraid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Check that the piano roll is in the correct mode:
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Ahh, the damn phenome editor shortcut was selected the entire time, ive got it fixed. thank you!!

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