Anyone have any methods for making standalone breath sounds?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I really wish SynthV voice banks came with a separate set of breath files that you could use during the mixing process like how many Vocaloid and UTAU do, or alternatively, make it so that breath notes can be placed like Vocaloid2’s “br” notes. I’ve attempted to make breath notes before in SynthV using the Voice and Breathiness parameters, but to very mixed to poor results. Has anyone tried anything else?


I’ve been using //hh and it’s worked pretty well.


Oh wow, that is so interesting, I just tried this myself and it appears it works for just Eleanor not surprisingly… It does sound super synthetic and all around unnatural when you listen to it isolated but this is still a pretty cool improvisation that could be better than nothing in some cases. I would still love actual breath implementation in some form, if someone who works with SynthV is ever reading this! Seems a little odd, how SynthV has improved the experience in nearly every way from its contemporary voice synths, but breath samples are still absent as of now.


The synthesizer V Studio can use br1-9 / brl1-9 in notes, but according to the voicebank, only Japanese Saki and Chinese MEDIUM5 singers are currently available.
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oh wow, how did you learn this?

I’m assuming this can only be done with the full version of Saki? It doesn’t look like her lite voicebank has this feature, but I will be getting Saki full very soon so I guess I’ll see.

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VOCALOID can be used phonetic like this, and then someone tested it on Synthesizer V Studio and found it feasible. :rofl:
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It’s true that breathing sound sampling is in the full version.
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I wonder which other hidden features are available…

I really just use Eleanor Forte, but I tend to use “hh” in a second track with the breathiness high and the tension low. I don’t know of any other methods though.

In Solaria - hh and turn breathiness all the way up for the note. I also had to flatten off the pitch.

This topic is from 2 years ago and therefore out of date.

AI voices like Solaria have a dedicated br phoneme to insert breaths.

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Thanks Claire. How do you use it? I mean, how do you insert a breath using br?

[scrap that - I got it… it just recognizes br as a breath. Even smarter than I thought]