Song in a musical

I am writing a musical tragedy and since I am male I couldn’t sign the female vocals (plus my voice sucks) so I used Synthesizer V and Eleanor Forte to do 2 female voices. One is a soprano so I just tweaked the voice a little, but the other voice is an alto so I did a lot more tweaking and got a passable result. When the voices are singing a duet there is a scratchiness which I think is related to the vibratos so I need to play around some more. But all in all I’m pretty pleased with the results. It has allowed me to get a few backers interested. There is a long lead in and fade out to facilitate what the actresses will be doing but I’d be interested in any comments.
Joe B

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It’s nice, thank you for your creation!
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It sounds like it’s clipping/peaking - which would not be caused by vibrato but by too much volume. Try turning down the gain/volume of each voice. (You’ll raise the volume again int he last stage - mastering. Right now it can be “too quiet”, to avoid clipping)

Try panning, to differentiate the two voices

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Excellent suggestions!! I think you’re right about the clipping and the panning should also help. Just started using the software a couple of weeks ago so still trying to learn how to tweak to get the best results. I’m really hoping the English male voices come out soon. As soon as they do I’m gonna purchase the app so I can use it inside my DAW (Studio One Pro 5) I have a lot of vocal shaping plug-ins that I hope will give me a fatter vocal sound unless you could suggest something else. I’d really rather have the raw sounds in the DAW instead of dumping to WAVs.
Again, thanks so musch for the suggestions!!
Joe B